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Off-Street Parking

Below, you'll find a map detailing the locations and hours of off-street parking lots, as well as locations for BIKETOWN bike corrals. BIKETOWN, Portland's bike share program, is a great alternative to parking and reparking your car once here!

Use this link to see Off-Street Parking on Google Maps.


Biketown Corral

Parking available all hours, all days

No parking 9AM-2PM on Saturday

Parking available 5PM-7AM on weekdays, all day on weekends

No parking on Sunday

Things to Keep in Mind When Using Off-Street Visitor Lots


Some visitor parking lots in the Northwest District are shared lots. They are owned by private institutions and are only open to the public during their proprietors' off hours.


You will know you are in the right lot when you see a sign like this

Because off-street lots are run by third party operators, not by the City of Portland or the NW Business Association, each lot has its own set of rules and its own set of  parking prices (by hour, day or month).

Please honor the rules and rate schedules of each individual lot. Violations may be subject to citation or tow, so be sure to read the signs. 


Meter and Permit Parking Information

Please note that the Northwest District has a combination of metered spots and permitted parking with visitor time limits. Visitors may use permitted parking spots without a permit as long as they adhere to the posted visitor time limit.

Employees and residents of the Northwest District cannot use their parking permits on or around the 21st Ave and 23rd Ave corridors. Please refer to posted signage when parking near these areas in order to avoid citations.

Meter rates can be found here.

Want to skip the meter? Use the Parking Kitty app and pay from your phone!

Parking is also available to the public at metered on-street spaces throughout the district.

In the Northwest District, meters operate from 9AM-7PM, Monday through Saturday, unless otherwise posted.

Live or work in the District and want to get a parking permit?

  • Business owners can learn more about permits here.

  • Residents can see if they're eligible for permits here.

  • Use this form to get day passes.

  • Learn more about parking management in NW here.

Transportation Wallet

If you live or work in the Northwest District and want to save money on mass transit, and BIKETOWN,  the Transportation Wallet program might be right for you!

Visit for more information about how to receive a Transportation Wallet and the benefits of this amazing program!

Get three passes for just $99!


Get Involved

Want to know how representatives from your neighborhood help shape your parking and transportation programs?

Learn more about the NW Parking Stakeholder Advisory Committee.

Want to be more involved in your neighborhood? Check out the Northwest District Association (NWDA).

If you are a business owner in the Northwest District and want to learn more about your local business association, visit them here.

Have questions? Please contact Kathryn Doherty-Chapman, the NW Parking District Liaison. She can be reached at